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                  Good protection for F-PCB

                  Di'ao Polyimide film is widely used the FPCB(flexible printed circuit board) industry, whose CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) exactly match to the CTE of copper to prevent circuit curling during temperature cycling.The perfect match makes our mobile phone from jumbo to thinness.


                  Ideal insulation material in vehicles
                  Good thermal conductivity and heat resistance of Di'ao polyimide film make it ideal in automotive parts such as in switches, diaphragms, seat heaters and sensors.

                  aerospace & military

                  Right choice for aircraft and aerospace

                  Because of its durability and reliability under the extreme condition(–269°C~ 400°C), coupled with its lightweight and mechanical toughness, Di’ao polyimide film is definitely the right choice for aircraft and spacecraft wiring

                  Wuxi Di'ao Insulating Material Co,.Ltd. Email: response@www.yuge027.com
                  Industrial park(B), Yangjian Town, Xishan District, Wuxi city, Jiangsu province, - 214107 China

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